Mountaineering is the set of activities that involves ascending mountains. Mountaineering-related activities include traditional outdoor climbing, hiking, skiing, and traversing via ferratas.

Mountain climbing has a wealth of benefits to the participants. While it is a fun activity, it is also a good way of challenging yourself. It gives time to reflect while taking in the beauty of the forest and jagged snowy peaks from the top.

The calming effect that climbing a mountain provides, enhances the memory and reduces stress.

Physical health

Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of exercising, and an effective way of managing weight. Regular brisk walking will improve performance of the heart, lungs and circulation, as well as lower blood pressure.

Climbing uses lots of muscle groups, both in the upper and lower body. Your back, abdominal and leg muscles all get exercised as well as your fingers, shoulders and arms.

Regular climbing can improve stamina and endurance as well as muscle strength. In addition, all the reaching and stretching for holds improves flexibility and agility. Getting out and about in the outdoors, walking to reach the crag you wish to climb on, is also good aerobic exercise.

Mental health and well-being

Walking may be more powerful than we realize. It helps us cope at work by helping de-stress amongst nature.  Further, it ‘heals’ our brains, helps us concentrate, makes us more creative and can help treat depression.

Climbing offers a wealth of health benefits that are not just physical.  It improves your self-esteem, mental agility and self-awareness. It’s a great stress-buster and a full body workout, so it’s good for general well-being.

Benefits of being close to nature

The need to respect and preserve the natural environment is never more apparent than to those who visit, explore and enjoy the landscape in which they undertake their activities.

Public recreation and access to our countryside and green spaces are fundamental to people’s understanding and enjoyment of the natural environment. Unless people are able to access the natural environment they are unlikely to want to conserve it. Involvement in recreational activities such as mountain climbing are key to connecting the public with the natural environment.