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Mountain climbing will be characterized by warm weather in the low attitudes and cool and sometimes very cold weather. The mountains will also be occasioned by rains even on the dry seasons. The terrain is also rough and rocky especially at the high attitudes. In high attitude and especially in moorlands you find the ground being soggy. For an even free journey you need to have appropriate gears and clothes.

We recommend the following:-

NOTE Clothing impacts not only your comfort but also your safety. Always be critical of the quality and the proper fit of your clothing.

Bag of about 70 – 80 liters with all the luggage (it will be the one transported by our porters).
Backpack of about 30 liters to carry your things from day to day.
Warm hat.
Front headlight and spare batteries.
Canteen or other 1.5 L container Cap and sunglasses.
Thin and thick gloves.
Sleeping bag. (Comfort around -10º).
Protective skin and lips cream.
Personal hygiene clothing: Wet wipes, toothbrush, soap etc.
Trekking sticks.
Thick socks (several spare pairs).
Trekking boots. Recommended already used previously.
Waterproof jacket or similar.
Sunglasses or Glacier glasses:
Gaiters: one pair of gaiters made of breathable material; keeps dirt and mud out of boots
Water bottles
We provide mountain hardware and equipment at affordable rates for those who would like to hire at affordable prices.


Cost depends on the number of clients and the number of climbing days

The cost caters for

All transportation to/from the mountain(private)
All Park fees.
All food while on the Mountain.
Accommodation in mountain huts/ camping where applicable.
All guiding services
Porter support for the climb.
Not included are:

Personal clothing and equipment
Tips and gratuities for guides and porters (recommended to be 10 – 15% of climb costs)
Beverages while not on the mountain